Hi, thanks for stopping by my photography website!

My name is Romain, I’m French and I’m in my thirties. I’ve been living in Asia since 2007 (Vietnam first and now Singapore). I often have opportunities to travel across Asia-Pacific and discover wonderful countries.

It rapidly became a hobby.

This website is where I share my favorite photos taken along the road.

As an amateur I don’t have favorite topics nor specific techniques to take photos — I like when they are authentical ie. not much modified from the original shot (I only use regular cropping, adjusting brightness, contrast and colors).

I think that for a photo to be successful, 50% rely on its intrinsic quality, and the other 50% on how you present it. I hope that this website will fulfill those last 50%. As for the quality, I’ll let you judge!

I wanted the website to be minimalist, to focus on “1 photo” at a time, with a clutter-free display.

I hope you like it.

To contact me, from the slideshow just click on a photo you enjoy (come on, I’m sure you’ll find one) and write a comment with your email address (not published on the website, just for me to contact you back).

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Have a good visit!

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